SwissTek Dental

- Is a worldwide leader in the field of dental implants.

- The company is a Manufacturer and distributor of dental implants since 2005 and our implants can be found in Tens of thousands of healed persons around the world.

- Is a global strategic manufacturer with leading international distributions partners.

- We Manufacture the implants in Israel, Eu, United States and distribute them for local and international Markets.

- Working according to local and international standards, our products are authorized by the leading medical labs around the world, and are sold in more than 30 countries including Israel, Europe, North America, India and more…

Three types of implant to cover all patients needs.

Internal Hexagon

A perfectly matched to the needs of dental implants professionals worldwide

The material of choice according to your needs, resorbable and non-resorbable supplies.

Long-Term stable and particularly safe bone substitute

Can feel instantly our best quality and long lifetime surgical instruments

Swiss precision engineering for top quality and best service.